The Final(ly) Week Of The #Mindful40challenge

So as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t finished the challenge. We were doing so well but a new  home, city and job managed to get in the way somewhat. Not all is lost though. I’ve decided to finish the last few days and share some final, unique smoothie recipes with you.

Tonight we welcome a vitamin C packed punch in the form of “Summer Tonic”. 

Let’s welcome the warm weather with something zesty and fresh! 

You’ll need:

1 cup chopped frozen mango

1/2 pineapple, chopped and peeled

1 pink grapefruit, peeled

1 large mandarin, peeled

Juice 1/2 lemon

1/2″ piece fresh ginger

1 cup cold water

The grapefruit kick might feel a little bit overpowering at first, but it feels great to knock back that much superfood without adding refined sugar. If you’re unsure, start with a half and work your way up!


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