Our First Weekend In London

I’m feeling incredibly lucky to live opposite a wonderful, local, Saturday market right now! We’ve spent the last few days without the internet and trying to fit our belongings from a shared, four bed house into our own one bedroom flat! We’re almost there. I’ve also got a few smoothies to upload. Don’t worry, we’ve been doing the challenge- but more about that later…

But before anything else, let me share our first Saturday living opposite the infamous Brockley Market.

We started off by having a vegan taco full of homemade re-fried beans and avocado. These were delicious but VERY messy. You may want to bring a napkin! 

Next, we shared some vegan and gluten free chocolate fudge cake. This was from one of my favourite stalls at the market. Check out my earlier blog all about them, “Brockley Market and the Vegan South East”.

Today I decided to try something different. I’m a huge tequila fan and lived in Tokyo for a year. Both add up to a wide eyed response to what I saw next. 

World Of Zing, based in Mile End, East London, make their own beautiful alcohols. I tried (and hastily bought) their sipping tequila. A Margarita made with Persian lime and Nori seaweed. I’ve never been to Mexico but this is exactly what I hoped it would taste like. Wow! At 24% it’s one to take slowly but I’m looking forward to having friends over and enjoying this on a lazy weekend. 

Finally, I decided to stock up on local veg’ for the week. For a fiver, I got a 6 huge beets, a celeriac, a carrier bag full of purple kale and a bouquet of Swiss chard. This was a real bargain and the salesman was very helpful!

Stay tuned for my kale and chard recipe! 


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