Day 20 : Tangerine Dream

We’re half way through the challenge! Well done if you’ve been doing it with us. It’s been surprisingly easy to try out a new smoothie every day and the variation in my diet has really increased. It’s easy to get caught in a routine with food when we find things we like or things that are good for us. But remember, the best kind of diets are varied, this also helps keep metabolism high as we constantly challenge our bodies to digest different things. 

This smoothie is DELICIOUS and contains huge amounts of vitamin C and fibre. The coconut milk was a last minute trade out from water but made the flavour perfect and summery.

I enjoyed it with homemade tortilla chips and guacamole made with yesterday’s smoothie’s left over avocado!

You’ll need:

2 large tangerines 

6 chunks pineapple (about 1/3)

1 passion fruit 

1 cup coconut milk (I used a coconut & rice milk blend from Alpro)

6 ice cubes

Scoop out the inside of the passion fruit and add to a blender with the rest of the ingredient.

Blend until completely smooth and frothy.


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