Secret Vegan Haven At Greenwich Market

When I first left university I moved to London. I was jobless, penniless and in no way worried about it! We moved to New Cross and no money meant my days off were spent discovering all there was to discover, strictly on foot.At the time, I often frequented Greenwich village. Great for a coffee or walk and always full of smiling tourists, happy to be away from be maddened crowds of central London, Greenwich seemed like London’s answer to Stratford Upon Avon; quaint and calm(ish). It never struck me as much of a veggie friendly area though.

This weekend we’ve been back, looking at houses for the next step in our lives. Back to the big smoke!

I’d arranged to view a place in SE10 and we had a while to kill. It was then that we stumbled upon Greenwich market, starving, freezing and ill prepared for a VERY long day. 

First, we grabbed a couple of home made vegan Calzones from the local health food shop, thinking we were lucky to find even one healthy and nourishing option. However, as we wondered, we passed stall after stall of vegan burgers, ramen, whole food salads, soups, sandwiches and cakes! I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

Trying to be as reserved as possible given the situation, I grabbed a Mexican chocolate brownie from Ruby’s of London. A cake maker specialising in vegan, gluten free and sugarless options. Ash ate most of this (no surprises here) but what I tried was rich and moist with an incredibly sticky centre. It felt like hot chocolate, melting in your mouth. Then the chilli hit. It wasn’t what I was expecting. As I swallowed the treat, my cheeks started tingling and slowly, my whole mouth became warm. The sensation was pleasant and helped us slow down our devouring of the brownie -something I’d previously considered an impossible task!

I wish there had been more time to try some of the savoury stalls but we had to move. I’ll definitely be heading back to Greenwich Market though. A perfect place for a curious, foodie, Saturday afternoon. 


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