Day 8 : Tutti Fruity

Happy Saturday all! We’re more than a week deep now and we’ve decided to up the ante. Over the next week, we’ll be looking at your contributions to the #mindful40challenge. Our favourites so far will be receiving some prizes inspired by #nationalsnackfoodmonth !

Last night the team were celebrating with a few glasses of fizz. As a result, today’s smoothie had to be packed with natural sugars and minerals.
The tutti fruity can clear your hangover just by looking at it! The colours smack of a tropical summer, vegan yoghurt replaces your stomach’s good bacteria and blueberries are rich in antioxidants (not to mention the mango and coconut water!).

You’ll need:
1 mango
1 cup/around 150g blueberries (we used frozen)
2 tbsp cultured vegan yoghurt
2 cups coconut water
Juice of 1 lime

In a food processor, blend the peeled mango, 1 cup coconut water and the lime juice until smooth. Pour about 3/4 of this into a jug.
Leaving the remaining mango puree in the food processor, add the blueberries, yoghurt and second cup of coconut water.
Half fill a tall glass with the mango mixture and then pour over the blueberry mixture, keeping to the edge of the glass. The blueberry puree should be a little thicker and so will push the mango to one side, leaving a cool half and half smoothie.
I like to put a straw in each side and sip to get a perfect blend of the two flavours!


Have you started the smoothie challenge yet? Show us your posts for the chance to win prizes!


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