Day 3 : Sweet Potato Mylkshake

Smoothies don’t always have to be green. This one is just like an all American diner style, full fat ice cream milkshake… Except it’s vegan and the main ingredient is a vegetable.
Enjoy this for breakfast, as the naughtiest ingredient is maple syrup which is actually pretty good for you, or as a dessert when you’ve had a long day and need a creamy, sweet treat. 

Top with toasted pistachios for a grown up garnish.
You’ll need:
1 medium sized, roasted sweet potato, skin removed

1 heaped tbsp ground almonds

Roughly 2 cups hazelnut or almond milk

1 tbsp maple syrup 

A few pistachios, for garnishing
Throw all of the ingredients into a food processor except for the pistachios and blend until thick and creamy.

Top with the pistachios and enjoy.


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