The Rules!


Giving something up can often be to start a new and positive habit. Lent along with new year, is the main time for people think about what negative aspects of their lives they can change.
My challenge to myself for the next forty days is simple. One smoothie every day, but each day has to be different.
This is to expand on my usual recipes, to get a few ideas and to get a bit more goodness down me during these cold, busy, February weeks!
I want you to join me! Can you go 40 days and nights trying a different smoothie every day?
THE RULES are simple: 
To consume at least one smoothie per day, made at home or bought!
EVERY DAY you must have a DIFFERENT smoothie! Say goodbye to old, reliable strawberry and banana (I know it’s good but let’s mix things up)
JOIN ME and post your smoothies on your blog or Instagram page using the tag:
I’ll be looking at your ideas and trying out some of your recipes on the blog!
For inspiration, follow us and explore our posts, check out the hashtag or just go wild in the kitchen!

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