London’s Brockley Market & The Vegan South East.


An impromptu weekend trip to London meant that my plans to recipe test pancakes was sadly postponed. On the brighter side, the capital offers some incredible vegan options and living as frugally as I tend to, day to day, a weekend away seems like the perfect time to indulge.

Saturday morning played host to the (always appetizing) Brockley Market- open 10am to 2pm weekly.
Upon our arrival, we enjoyed some delicate, fresh tofu and shiitake Gyoza from Rainbo, before choosing from a wonderful selection of vegan cakes from to enjoy later that afternoon. Though a difficult choice, we decided upon chocolate mud cake and a gluten free caramel coffee cake, the latter taking me two sittings to finish! The cakes were moist and fudgy and nothing short of indulgent.



For the main event, we settled with a fried aubergine wrap from Mike & Ollie’s. These were flavourful and chock full of herbs, hummus and pickled vegetables including some rather interesting pickled, forced rhubarb. I’m a huge fan of preserves. The process often saves me wasting some of my more spontaneously purchased vegetables (purple flowering sprouts anyone?) and are also full of natural probiotics.

The only non-vegan element was a yoghurt harrissa which they were happy to trade out. I do have a feeling that they might drop the yoghurt as I wasn’t the only one asking for the alteration!


While Brockley Market promotes it’s fresh farm produce, charcuterie and local cheeses, I really see the star of the show to be the vegan and vegetarian options and the sense of community that the vegan vendors promote. The veggie options from the street vendors are always the first to sell out and the friendly, passionate staff (with no exception that I’ve seen) are more than happy to ‘veganize’ a dish for you.

If you’re lucky, a few of them may even reveal that they’re vegan themselves and you might get a few added extras in your lunch!


Visiting? Try for yourself! Been before? What did you think?


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